On-demand performance, everytime

Enterprise Google Cloud services across G-Suite (Google apps for business), Google Cloud infrastructure, Cloud hosting, Google Cloud platform, Chromebooks and Chrome for meetings, deployed, managed and supported for your company. Enable your teams to spend more time innovating and less time wiring things together.

  Scale, when you need 

Your computing needs may vary depending on your goals. Why invest in infrastructure, computing power, storage and servers you might not need? Buy Google Cloud computing that you need and pay as you go. Let us consult, deploy, manage and support you on your Cloud migration as a Google Cloud premier partner.

Collaborate and innovate together  

Get email that you already use, documents that make it easy for multiple teams to work together, calendars and your drive on the Cloud with G-Suite (Google apps for work). Collaborate with teams from anywhere in real time. Remotely manage your devices with Chrome and Android.


   Secure, from the core

Protect your data with world class security monitoring, detection and machine learning based prevention of security incidents. Google Cloud maintains strict compliance with global data security and privacy protection standards so that you don’t have to.



Big Data and machine learning 

An integrated, server less Big Data platform for data driven applications. Google Cloud Platform offers an integrated end to end Big Data solution, that lets you capture, process, store and analyze your data within a single platform. With Google Cloud Platform you can combine cloud-native services with open source tools as needed, both in batch and stream mode.

GCP Cloud AI offers a variety of powerful machine learning (ML) services. You can select APIs that provide pre-trained models optimized for specific applications, or build and train your own large-scale, sophisticated models using a managed TensorFlow framework.


G Suite Basic

  • 30 GB storage
  • Google Hangout & Calendar
  • Google Offline
  • Google Doc, sheet, slide, forms for sharing & Collaboration etc.

G Suite Business

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Organization level drive control
  • Google Vault
  • Information rights management (IRM)
  • Custom admin alerts

G Suite Enterprise

  • Advanced enterprise control & customization
  • Advanced DLP for Gmail & Drive
  • BigQuery
  • S/MIME encryption

Bringing Google cloud partner services, deep into India.