Smart Collaboration

Is Quick Access To Relevant Knowledge A Challange?

Knowledge Management is not an IT issue. It is a social problem. Lew Platt, the former chairman, president, and CEO of Hewlett-Packard once said: “If HP only knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive.” Making knowledge available and accessible throughout your organization can drive significant improvements in productivity and efficiency. At Embee, we understand how to connect technologies, platforms and highly customized (industry specific) requirements to drive order of magnitude improvements in how your workforce collaborates.

Enterprise Content Management


Documnent Manegement


Integration with SAP/CRM


Employee Self Service Portal


Human Resource Management System (HRMS)


Records Management System




Asset Management


Learning Management

Open Collaboration

Are You Crippled By Document Management Chaos?

In an economy of knowledge workers, having access to information and documents is the key to increasing productivity. Despite advances in technology and widespread debate on document management, little is changing – we are still drowning in our own documents. At Embee, we believe in leveraging IT to make life easier. Through intelligent customization, technology, the cloud and intuitive design we help our customers navigate the maze of documents they find themselves in. Day in and day out.

Give users control to centrally maintain and manage projects, files, team communication, reporting, issue tracking, and more

No Data Loss

No Unauthorized deleting or editing can be made of files

No Data Loss

No Unauthorized deleting or editing can be made of files

No Data Loss

No Unauthorized deleting or editing can be made of files

No Data Loss

No Unauthorized deleting or editing can be made of files

Version Control

Eliminate issues with opening the incorrect version

On The Go

Access Documents anywhere, anytime

Rely Less on Email

Collaborate on documents in the cloud

Edit Online

Create and edit your documents and save them on the cloud

Connected Collaboration

Is Faster Decision Making a Priority At Your Organization

Now that you have grown through expansion, acquisition and partnering, how do you connect your organization into a cohesive unit? The answer for many companies is creating an intuitive way to follow established business processes, that enable information sharing as well as collaborative decision making quickly. Embee can help you create a customized horizontal collaboration solution using technology, the cloud and change management to make working together more engaging, human and efficient.

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