Create a Better Tomorrow with High Performance Data Centers

The data center needs to be designed for agility, automation, service and security. It isn’t about adding more servers and storage. It’s about standardizing, consolidating and doing more with less. Allegient can help transform your data center to truly support the growth of your business.


Businesses today are moving to cloud technology to make their core business flexible, agile and competitive. At Allegient we help you deliver better value propositions to your customers by implementing a robust cloud strategy.

Disaster Recovery

Regardless of the industry you are in, unforeseen circumstances/disasters cannot cause disruption in services to your customers. Allegient can customize a fool-proof disaster recovery plan that can see you through network outages and natural disasters.

High Performance Computing

Enterprises that are building smart customer centric businesses are relying on next generation computing environments to run advanced application programs efficiently and effectively. Allegient Unified Technology provides end to end HPC solutions which gives you a competitive edge.

Infrastructure Management

Create a panoramic view of your IT Infrastructure and continuously monitor, manage and optimize performance to drive business growth. Consistent and reliable management of infrastructure operations increases the application performance and thus improves service delivery.


In today’s hyper-connected world, the ability to embrace new innovations is closely tied to IT network capabilities. Leading organizations are looking to build next generation secured networks to embrace trends such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD).


Why Disaster Recovery Should be a Top Priority for your Organization

Has your business ever suffered an outage? It’s a nightmare. A power outage at a Verizon data centre on January 14 2016 impacted the operations of JetBlue. The airline experienced network issues

How to Cloud – Public, Private or Hybrid?

Before moving to the Cloud it’s important to evaluate the different Cloud models and their offerings in line with your business strategy. Currently, there are 3 primary cloud models and their offerings in line with your business strategy.

Planning to Move to the Cloud, But are You Ready?

It is without doubt that Cloud Computing offers immediate cost savings with its pay-as-you-go model and promises a future of greater agility, speed, and reach. However, it still has its risks. Security remains a concern